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Zalando case study


For Zalando, an efficient logistics network is therefore a distinct competitive advantage. The company has always focused on developing and optimizing its logistic centers to cut down on costs and increase the speed of preparing and delivering the customer’s order.

To do this, Zalando had clear requirements for its logistics properties, including:

  • Located close to national and international urban areas;
  • Surrounded by strong transport infrastructure for short delivery times within Europe;
  • Facility tailored to e-commerce operations, including returns processing points and large office and social areas for high number of employees, and
  • Construction needs to be fast and good to support rapid company growth and seasonal peaks in operations.

Goodman solution

Over the next years, Zalando and Goodman collaborated on three major projects in Germany. Each time, Goodman tailored the property design to the changing needs and ever more efficient processes of its customer.

  • Locations that are favourable both strategically and with respect to transport geography, in close proximity to major urban areas, ensuring direct access to the customer.
  • Excellent access to international markets.
  • Specific property design:
    • Use of pick towers and large mezzanine space for efficient handling of incoming and outgoing products;
    • Different hall heights at the latest logistics centre in Lahr enable optimal processes and ensure fast processing of orders;
    • The use of gas heat pump on the roof of the logistics property (in Lahr) reduces sustainably the costs for heating and air-conditioning; and
    • Windows strip on the mezzanine level for optimum use of daylight.


The integrated “own + develop + manage” business model of Goodman was the ideal starting point for the development of the logistics network of Zalando. Know-how of the specific requirements of e-commerce properties and the company’s long-term partnership approach to property management ensured that Zalando found in Goodman a partner it could count on through the years.

With this fast and reliable delivery and return of goods, Zalando continues to offer an outstanding service to its customers and keeps the company ahead of the competition.